MY World ASEAN Advocates

The MY World Advocacy Programme in the ASEAN region is series of comprehensive advocacy activities led by the UN SDG Action Campaign and the UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub across ASEAN countries aiming to advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promote citizen engagement and data collection activities among young people in the region.

This group of 50 talented young ASEAN advocates have been selected to join the Advocacy Programme and will have the opportunity to work as MY World 2030 Advocates and become agents of change in their community, city, region and country. Their objectives are to raise awareness for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), collect citizen data and input using the ASEAN MY World 2030 survey, and advocate for citizen engagement in the implementation of the SDGs.

Nurul Hadina Haji Alias

Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei Darussalam
Dina joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. She uses her passion for life-long learning, fascination of ideas and introspection to help inspire and create positive change for individuals in her community. Since she’s back in Brunei after graduating in BA (Hons) in Sociology from the University of Warwick, U.K., she has been actively volunteering in various non-profit organizations that support empowering young people to better equip themselves with skills for the future.
Dina has facilitated several motivational workshops and taught critical thinking and effective communication skills to the public through a local organization called Persatuan Kemajuan Insan whose efforts have been nationally recognized as having a significant impact on youth leadership in Brunei. In April 2018, she represented Brunei at the ASEAN Women’s Leadership Academy in Jakarta after being nominated under the Young Southeast Asian Leaders’ Initiative (YSEALI). Currently, she is involved in Global Shapers Bandar Seri Begawan and WeCare whose overall aim is to shape employability and provide humanitarian aid respectively. As an Education Officer at a local community centre called Sixth Form Centre, she believes in creating a classroom culture which emphasizes the individual’s role in society and wishes to instill the core value of social responsibility among the young people today.

Veasna Ky

Phnom Penh Cambodia
Veasna joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. In his capacity of President at ASEAN Youth Leaders Association in Cambodia (AYLA-Cambodia), which he founded in late 2017, he has been working on localization processes of Cambodian SDGs. His organization focuses on equipping young people with knowledge and skills to create positive change in their own communities. Currently, he has been leading two projects on Water and Sanitation and Combating Trafficking in Persons in eight provinces across Cambodia. He works with international and local NGOs, governments, young people and local communities.
Prior to starting his own organization, he was working for a local NGO where he was coordinating projects on Non-Formal Education, WASH, Sexual Reproductive Health and Violence against Children and Women. Besides, he has been an active youth for volunteerism where he often talks at different events about youth engagement in volunteerism, water and sanitation, migration and SDGs. He has also been a Talent Director at AIESEC Cambodia since December 2010.

Leaphea Yang

Phnom Penh Cambodia
Leaphea joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. Leaphea is currently working as a Learning Coordinator in charge of Center for Learning and Critical Thinking Skills at the University of Puthisastra in Cambodia. She previously worked as Programme Director at the Harpswell Foundation, focusing on teaching youth leadership skills. Leaphea was also the main organizer of the One Billion Rising event in Cambodia, a worldwide effort to draw attention to violence against women. In 2014, Leaphea was awarded the Marissa Wesely Women in Public Service Project Award for Excellence in Women’s Leadership for her inspiring dedication to civic leadership and demonstrated commitment to public service. She graduated in 2011 from the Royal University of Law and Economics with a major in international and private law. She then won a one-year scholarship for post graduate studies at Agnes Scott College (U.S.), 2011-2012. Upon her return from the U.S., Leaphea worked as a Gender Trainer in the NGO Gender and Development for Cambodia, where she prepared and provided trainings to people in rural areas, university students, and government officials.

Nen Neou

Siem Reap Cambodia
Nen joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. He was born in a small country village about 30 km from Siem Reap and was raised in a Buddhist family. He has been been a Buddhist monk in Theravada tradition for 7 years. He is currently a senior student at University majoring in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Since becoming a Buddhist monk after finishing high school in 2011, he has been very active in social development and other related activities by cooperating with other organizations. His work is mostly focused on education, health, environment and innovative ideas. More importantly, he is also volunteering to teach English to young people in his monastery. His future goal is to obtain a Master Degree from overseas and to work in the non-governmental sector, for he believes he will have more opportunities to learn, to share and to work to develop his capacity and his country.

Christine Belle Heng

Phnom Penh Cambodia
Belle joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. Christine graduated with a Bachelor of Education, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2016. She is well-trained to instruct a variety of age groups ranging from young learners to adults. Being part of social development, she has provided free classes so that many children could be educated and grow to their fullest. Due to her passion and teaching effectiveness, she was presented a chance to instruct a large group of employees in the public sector at the National Social Security Fund.
Belle was also the President of the Pronunciation Club at the Stanford American School, where she was a mentor and trainer for its members to reinforce their pronunciation and accent. Interestingly, the members of the club later became public speakers joining various speaking events. She was also a consultant to the students and those who seek for support regarding their study, career and life. She believes everyone has the potential to unleash that potential. She has always been active and passionate about enhancing awareness, providing support and building stronger networks. Joining the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocate programme will increase the chances to achieve such goals.

Hywfi Leng

Phnom Penh Cambodia
Mea Nub joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. He graduated in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Cambodia, and he also received his specialization training in Global Training of Trainer and Asian Youth Worker from Spain and South Korea respectively.
Mea Nub is now an Operations and Human Resources Manager at Cambodian Living Arts, one of the largest Arts and Culture non-profit organization in Cambodia. Prior starting his leadership role at Cambodian Living Arts, he gained a lot of experiences in coaching, debating, operations planning, business pitching, training, project management, public relations and youth engagement and mobilization. In 2014-2016, he was the Youth Training Programme Coordinator at the Khmer Youth Congress. He also worked in the private sector and engaged in many youth-related activities locally and internationally. He also successfully ran two charity concerts for fundraising to build two small libraries and distribute study materials for unprivileged children in remote area in Cambodia between 2013 and 2014. He believes youth participation and contribution to society are key elements to make the world a better place.

Sokhemmary By

Phnom Penh Cambodia
Khemmary joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. She is a fast learner and strives to inspire other women to create a positive change in their community. She holds two Bachelor Degrees in International Relations and English Literature from the Pannasastra University of Cambodia and Khemmark University. She currently pursues her Master Degree in Management at the National University of Management. She also works as the Youth Empowerment for Employment Project Officer for a youth NGO called the Youth Resource Development Programme (YRDP).
Khemmary has been volunteering in several local NGOs and International NGOs, on a range of topics such as health, migration, women in politics, youth leadership and youth employment. She has conducted many workshops, trainings and forums related to youth leadership and employment, entrepreneurship and soft skills. Recently, she was invited to be a young talented woman in Cambodia to provide inputs in the national workshop on the formulation of the Cambodia Decent Work Country Programme. Khemmary has a dream to see Cambodia have a decent work and economic growth, a place where youth will have a better future and they can support their children to have access to education and well-being.

Sokleng Ream

Phnom Penh Cambodia
Sokleng joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. She is currently a senior student at University majoring in English for Business.
In 2016, Sokleng realized her passion: it was the time to walk out of her comfort zone and get involved with volunteering work in various non-profit organizations, on issues at the heart of her passion and with the strong desire to empower others. She has been volunteering in many organizations in Cambodia ever since, especially with projects related to rural education, social and environmental advocacy, including in several provinces where help and social awareness are needed. For instance, earlier in 2018, she attended a workcamp Solidarites Jeunesses in France through the Cambodian Youth Action (CYA) network, which is mostly focused on education, environment and community development. She now represents CYA, and worked with several UN agencies including with UNDP Cambodia during International Volunteer Day. She strongly believes that together we can create a better world with positive change through volunteering work.

Visal Sorn

Battambang Cambodia
Visal joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. Visal is an outgoing, optimistic, compassionate and open-minded person who is looking to make things happen rather than waiting to see what will happen. She is working part-time at HelpAge International in the field of monitoring and evaluation, and conducted interviews with elderly villagers about rural health, agriculture, and climate change. Previously, thanks her bilingual English and Khmer language fluency and community volunteering experience, in 2009-2016, Visal worked as a Research Assistant and Translator also doing statistical analysis for Matthew J. Trew, an anthropologist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
In 2011, Visal enrolled in a BA in English Literature but in her third year she had to drop out because of financial circumstances. In 2016, she received a scholarship to study at the Asian University for Women (AWU) which is a private, liberal-arts institution known for empowering diverse women from disadvantaged backgrounds. She volunteers with several local and international organizations, and led extracurricular leadership roles in the AUW Animal Welfare, Model UN debate and photography clubs. Through her commitment, hard work and the support from her professors and friends, Visal was very happy to be accepted to the programme. As she comes from a conservative culture, she would like to apply what she has learned from the SDGs to help women and vulnerable groups in Cambodia.

Irvandias Sanjaya

Yogyakarta Indonesia
Dias joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. He is a social entrepreneur, social worker, and philanthropy working on SDGs and youth development issues. He is studying his Bachelor of Psychology in Universitas Gadjah Mada, in Indonesia. He is on his 5th year of academic study and was awarded as 1st Outstanding Student in Faculty of Psychology and 2nd winner of the Most Outstanding Student on Liga Mahasiswa Berprestasi Universitas Gadjah Mada in 2017.
He is a public speaker, motivator, and trainer for youth organization and related Social Movement project topics. Dias has a record of 90 hours speaking with the outreach of 6,500 audience, and 35 organizations have been trained by Dias thanks to his roles in several organizations and accomplishments to inspire other Indonesian young leaders. Dias is also an international awardee of recognitions such as: Project Winner of Social Venture Business Competition by Namaa and Ghadaam Foundation UAE, Best Student and Best Project Presentation of ASEAN Cooperative Programme Thailand, and receiver of 2018 YSEALI Academic Fellowship Programme in Arizona State University, U.S.

Joce Timoty Pardosi

DKI Jakarta Indonesia
Joce joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. He is a Law student at the Universitas Indonesia, and was the Vice President of the Faculty of Law Students' Executive Body in 2017. Since 2015, He is the National Director of Indonesia Youth Meetings Movement (IYMM), which is a movement for youth participation in the implementation and contextualization of sustainable development through policies. The movement has gained momentum for young people across Indonesia to further localize the SDGs. In 2018, he co-founded Kolékan, a collective initiative to empower informal settlements in urban areas to gain ownership of the SDGs era, through research, trainings and mentorships.

Nur Hayyu Supriatin

Sorong Indonesia
Nur joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. Nur graduated from the Faculty of Education at the University of Muhammadiyah Sorong in 2015. She is active as a journalist for the daily newspaper Radar Sorong and was a member of Indonesian Journalist Association of West Papua region and Child protection community of West Papua region.
Working as a journalist opened her eyes. She saw many problems in her community, starting from environmental issues, low quality of education, children violence, poverty, inequality, forest problem, abrasion, illegal fishing and many more. Together with NGOs in her community, Nur was able to organize a socialization on child protection and engaged in mangrove trees restoration. In 2017, she was recruited as a mentor and literacy trainer for the teacher to reinforcement reading and writing early grades in rural and remote areas at Kasimle village, Sorong Regency, West Papua, which supported by UNICEF and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Besides training and mentoring the teachers at school, she is also writing a story book for Kasimle’s village children to increase their reading interest.

Vania Santaso

Surabaya Indonesia
Vania joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. She is the Co-Founder of heySTARTIC, a social enterprise that provides sustainable products through the upcycling innovation. She started small as a home-waste management project when she was 13. Two years later, she succeeded securing her first international funding of USD 10,000 by winning first place of the Annual Environmental Competition, Volvo Adventure 2007 in Sweden held by Volvo and UNEP. She has now accelerated that social project into a social enterprise that empowers marginalized people not only to be craftsmen, but also trainers for the public.
Aside from economic empowerment, Vania intensively works on youth empowerment as a Programme Facilitator of XL Future Leaders. Vania has been involved in social innovation for youth with UN agencies, such as being the youth speaker at Plenary Session in 2007 TUNZA International Youth Conference in Germany held by UNEP, sharing best practices at 2012 Green Jobs in Asia Regional Conference held by ILO, advising UNFPA in 2013-2015 as a Youth Advisory Panel, and judging semifinal of 2016 Asia Pacific Youth Innovation Challenge in Malaysia held by UNICEF.

Rizky Ashar Murdiono

Jakarta Indonesia
Rizky joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. He is an idealistic, creative, and passionate young human rights activist advocating for inclusive civic participation, peace, democracy, gender equality and diversity. Rizky continues his effort to localize the SDGs through his work at Indonesia Philanthropy Association (Filantropi Indonesia) as a Partnership and Membership Officer. It is a non-profit and independent institution which intends to advance philanthropy in Indonesia in order to contribute to the achievement of social justice and sustainable development. He is one of the co-Founders of the 2030 Youth Force Asia-Pacific and Coordinator of the 2030 Youth Force Indonesia, a youth-led network working collectively towards a high quality life for all by 2030 with the vision of leaving no one behind.
Rizky has been engaged in social activities for 10 years. In the past decade, he served on the UNFPA Youth Advisory Panel, Amnesty International Youth Activist “My body my right”, Indonesia focal point Youth Voices Count, and Sign Language Interpreter at Study Center of Disability Services, Brawijaya University. He was also elected as an awardee of N-Peace Award attributed to his excellent work of promoting women, peace, and security agenda. He is also an alumni of Young Southeast Asia Leader Initiative Programme (YSEALI). Rizky co-authored an issue brief and booklet about “Inspirational Young Leaders Driving Social Change”. He has high hope that his activism will bring social justice to people, regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity and disabilities.

Mazidatun Maftukhah

Yogyakarta Indonesia
Mazida joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. Mazida manages the Public Relations of a youth organization called Global Peace Youth-Yogyakarta since December 2016. Her interests have led to create a localizing SDGs programme and successfully trained more than 100 young people in the first year. She is also a member of the UN Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY), the UN General Assembly-mandated, official, formal, and self-organised space for children and youth to contribute to and engage in the UN.
Mazida is a volunteer addict and social media enthusiast who is also passionate in youth empowerment and the SDGs. Her passion lies in youth advocacy after being officially appointed as a youth delegate at the Asia Pacific Urban Forum-Youth (APUFY) in 2015. To follow up, she decided to actively participate in policy-making and engage with both local and regional youth movements to represent children and youth voices in her hometown, Yogyakarta. She was invited to serve in Selection Committee for the first UN President General Assembly High-level Meeting on Financing for SDGs.

Ayu Pratiwi Muyasyaroh

South Jakarta Indonesia
Ayu joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. She has been a campaigner that has immersed herself in tackling multiple societal issues, particularly on SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy) for the past 12 years. At age 14, She was awarded as a Kader Kesehatan Remaja (Young Health-Cadre) to represent her province, East Kalimantan, in National Jamboree for her School Health Unit. Her responsibilities included to promote sustainable lifestyle and environmental conservation efforts for local communities, through workshops and trainings.
During her years in University, she managed to publish many articles in mass media, highlighting climate change and green economy studies. Some of her studies have been awarded as the Top 10 of Indonesian Young Thought-Leaders on Environment Essay Contest held by World Resource Institute Indonesia with certificate of excellence by Mr. Dino Patti Djalal (former Deputy Minister of Indonesia and Ambassador of Indonesia to the U.S.) and also as the Winner of Tropical Landscapes Summit Essay Competition held by UN Office for REDD+ Coordination Indonesia (UNORCID).
Today, Ayu is working at International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) for the Ambitious City Promises (ACP) programme funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety (BMU) through the International Climate Initiative (IKI) program. ACP aims to support a Low Emission Urban Development in Southeast Asian Large Cities implemented in nine cities from Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. As the focal point for outreach and partnership between ICLEI and multiple stakeholders, Ayu has succeeded to connect the local government of participating cities in Indonesia for ACP Programme (DKI Jakarta, Tangerang and Bekasi City) with multiple stakeholders from national government; academe; business; and CSOs to carry out collaborative events with purpose of supporting Low Emission Urban Development in respective city.

Hendriyadi Bahtiar Daeng Sila

Selayar Indonesia
Acho joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. He is a young leader and a dedicated volunteer who wishes to bring positive changes to remote coastal areas of Eastern Indonesia. He was born and raised in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, and has been living in Selayar Island for the past 3 years. He earned his Bachelor Degree from Trisakti University, Jakarta, and is currently working at UNICEF Makassar as a National UNV Child Protection Officer on child marriage prevention and anti-bullying programme. I had fortunately exposed to international world via Indonesia Canada Youth Exchange Programme and IELSP at Iowa State University. Based on these experiences, he chose to commit himself to development and advancement of local youth NGO, named Sahabat Pulau Indonesia. It comprises more than 250 youth volunteers and focuses on leveraging youth impact and interest to help children, vulnerable youth, women and underserved and vulnerable communities, mainly in coastal areas.
Acho is also involved in several other youth organizations in Indonesia: Korps Alumni Kapal Pemuda Nusantara, Forum Indonesia Muda, Youth Action Forum 2, FiNE Indonesia. In 2014, he participated Jolkona Project Catalyst-Social Entrepreneurship Exchange from the U.S. Embassy of Jakarta, an awardee of MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in MIT 2015. In 2017, he was selected as Awardee of CWY Youth Leadership Award 2017-Guy Bordeleau Outstanding Overseas Youth Alumni Award.

Nour Massoudi

Vientiane Lao PDR
Nour joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. He comes from Sousse, one of the most beautiful places in Tunisia and North Africa, then moved to 8 different cities in this country which gave him the opportunity to grow up at early age compare it to his friends. An ambitious, self motivated and a fighter who strive to impact more than one million person in his continent and change their lives for the best. He spent the last 16 years in Bizerte, the most northern city in the African continent where he studied Electrical Engineering.
He is currently the Member Committee Vice President for Partnerships Development and Global Volunteer at AIESEC in Lao PDR, based in Vientiane, and is actively involved with local organizations in Lao PDR. He has been working with AIESEC for 3 years and previously engaged with AIESEC branches in the Tunisia and Denmark. He is also an Entity Control Board Chair in the Czech Republic, which is a decision-making body at national level with regard to Exchange Policies and National Standards regulation principles. He decided to join this programme to make an impact in his new country of residence and contribute to something that he strongly believes in, to raise more awareness on the SDGs and inspire other young people to take action and initiative for their country.

Yin Yee Lai

Putrajaya Malaysia
Yin Yee joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. Leveraging on her work experience in museology and journalism, Yin Yee believes continuous effort in community engagement is critical to ensure that public opinions are taken into account in the development of ASEAN MY World 2030. She was the champion for the 'Celebrating Diversity Essay Contest' (Lincoln Category) organized by the U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur, and amongst the 25 teams/individuals shortlisted in the first U.K. and Eire Malaysian Law Students' Union Law Reform Competition.
Being one of the three Malaysia delegates for the International Debate Education Association “Youth in 21st Century: Debating and Producing Media Workshop” held in Manila, the Philippines, she was awarded the Sweetest Debater Award while her group won the Best Documentary Research and Best Feature Stories Award. Besides being affiliated with the UN Association of Malaysia-Youth (UNAM-Youth) and the Association of Administration and Diplomatic Officers, she was selected as the McKinsey Co.'s Youth Leadership Academy 2018 Ambassador, aiming to equip aspiring young Malaysians with skills and coaching that will enable them to become successful leaders of change.

Nadhilah Binti Muhammad Razak

Bedong Malaysia
Nadhilah joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. She is a student at the University Sains Malaysia doing a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology at the University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT). Her research focuses on the production of biodegradable film packaging to replace petroleum-based plastics. Recently, she was awarded a Gold Award in the International Invention, Innovation and Design Competition and Silver Award in the International Malaysia-Indonesia- Thailand Symposium in 2017.
She is the founder of a non-profit group called “i-SAHABAT” and an YSEALI Academic Fellow (2017). Involved in politics in the Student Representative Council, she gained leadership skills during her undergraduate at UMT. She enhanced her business skills during Axiata Young Talent Programme in 2015. Her advocacy focuses on environmental education because she enjoys teaching and sharing what she knows to make people more appreciate and value of nature. She has faith in everyone’s capacity to make a difference in our world, especially through information-sharing and innovative ideas. As an SDG Advocate, she hopes to enhance awareness, create stronger networks, promote education to healthy citizenship, and be involved in SDGs to make the world a better place for all.

Michelle Tzer Ping Lee

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Michelle joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. She is one of the founders of YouthBoleh, a youth-driven movement inspiring young people to take action and contributing towards the achievement of the SDGs. Along with her work at Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur, Michelle is well familiarized with the impact ecosystem in Malaysia and aims to create a movement of youth changemakers in the region.
From 2016-2017, Michelle was the National Director of Youth Marketing for AIESEC in Malaysia, the world's largest youth-run organization with the vision of striving for peace and fulfilment of humankind's potential through advancing the SDGs. Together with her team, she spearheaded YouthSpeak Forum Malaysia 2017, a forum with 200+ delegates, dedicated to inspire, engage, and create action towards the SDGs.
In 2014, in partnership with UNDP Malaysia, Michelle led the Urban Mapper Project, which used a data collection methodology called cultural mapping to collect data and insights from communities in low-cost housing areas in Kuala Lumpur. Similarly, in 2016, Michelle volunteered as a rapporteur for UNDP Malaysia, travelling across different states in Malaysia to engage with underserved communities living below the poverty line, producing reports that would be used to influence policy making decisions in the government.

Vaishna Santhar

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Vai joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. Her interest of working with non-profit sparked while she was studying Sociology. She learned to dissect power, institutions and inequality which open doors to working with several NGOs and NPOs in the past 6 years. Her passion lies with working closely with the community and in empowering them to be custodians of change.
In line with CEDAW, the Malaysian Domestic Violence Act and the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act (ATIP-SOM), Vai conducted numerous trainings for community-based andfaith-based organization, NGOs and local enforcement authorities to ensure human rights are recognized while empowering local communities, and to respond and refer domestic violence cases. Beside her experience as a social worker at the Shakti Women’s Council Wellington (2012-2013), she was previously a case worker for the International Rescue Committee (2014-2016), responsible for conducting pre-screen interviews, advocacy/counseling, assessment, and casework services to individuals, families and groups. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the Victoria University of Wellington, which she attended from 2010-2012.

Tien Eu Tan

George Town Malaysia
Skyler joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. Skyler has been actively participating in Non-Profit and NGOs for a number of years. Being the 2018-2019 Area Director in District 51, Toastmasters International and 2018 National Vice President in Junior Chamber International Malaysia (JCIM), he has been traveling across Malaysia to lead, guide and inspire more active citizens.
Winning the World English Debate Championship of JCI on November 2018 in Goa, India, is one of his biggest achievements of 2018. With the supports of his organization and the government, he represented not only Malaysia but the whole Asia-Pacific region, being the 1st ever Asian team to win the championship. He also participated in World Cleanup Day 2018 and contributed to JCIM winning the Malaysia Book of Records for The Largest Recyclable Domestic Waste Collected in a Day on 15 September 2018, with 23,305 kg collected. As an international agricultural commodities trader, Skyler often travels out of Malaysia to see the world, that is also where he became open-minded as a born introvert. He understands that we are all different people living in the same world and that acceptance of our differences is key in making any changes, creating long lasting positive impact towards a beautiful future, together, as one.

Si Thu Wai

Meiktila Myanmar
Si Thu joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. He is currently the Campus Chapter Director at the Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University, representing an organization called Myanmar Youth Empowerment Opportunities (MYEO). Besides, he is also an organizer at his University’ English Speaking Contest Meiktila 2018, which was held at the Technological University Meiktila and reached over 1,300 students and teachers.
He also participated as a Goodwill Ambassador for Myanmar for the 44th of the Southeast Asia and Japanese Youth Programme (SSEAYP), an annual youth exchange programme organized by the Cabinet Office of Japan and governments of Southeast Asian countries. He travelled to Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. In each country, he interacted with government representatives and explored the local culture through homestay experiences. Si Thu also volunteered in a cooperative educational programme with the Oregon Health and Science University in the U.S., the Tipitaka Eye Hospital in the Sagaing region and the Mandalay Eye Hospital. He served as an interpreter through discussions with patients and their families, medical care lectures, meetings with physicians, community leaders and high-ranking Buddhist monks.

Shune Lai Thida

Yangon Myanmar
Shune joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. She is a First Year Honors English Specialization Student at the Yangon University (YU) who loves knowledge exploration and travelling. Besides, she is passionate about networking with people from different backgrounds as well as ambitious to become an Ambassador for her country. Formerly, she started off her social assistance journey as a volunteer at the YU Red Cross Society in 2015. She helped the patients during blood donation ceremony and managed the Society’s monthly or annual events.
Shune is currently the coordinator of Campus Chapter Directors, which is a student-led, youth empowerment initiative providing talented students the skills to help themselves and their peer group, as well as a member of content sharing team of the Myanmar Youth Empowerment Opportunities (MYEO). She also coordinated several events at the mobile workshops organized by the Myanmar Youth For Peace Development. Finally, she advocates for young people's’ potential as a youth club leader of YU’s “Peace More Sphere”. Shune wants to raise awareness and support her peers’ educational and vocational training and act as a representative and go-between for ASEAN MY World 2030 and young people from diverse backgrounds in Myanmar.

Yadanar Khine Sein

Yangon Myanmar
Wendy joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. Wendy is a versatile global-minded Myanmar citizen who is driven by creating sustainable change. She has spent half of her life in Yangon and the rest in Washington D.C., Canberra, Brussels, Moscow, Manila, and Bangkok. She completed her postgraduate degree from Australian National University with the Vice-Chancellor’s Award. As a scholar awarded by both Myanmar and Thai Chambers, she completed her undergraduate degree from the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce with Honors, Magna Cum Laude.
She has over 5 years of diverse work experience ranging from public sector, private sector, education institute to freelance consultancy. She is fluent in English and Burmese with basic understanding of Thai, Tagalog, French and Japanese. She was selected as a delegate to the UN Association of Australia Young Professional National Conference in Sydney and the Bangkok Sister City Youth Programme. She has volunteered for various causes around the globe including teaching English to children in rural areas with Save the Children. These experiences have sparked her interest in areas of quality education, poverty reduction, gender equality, social development and raising the quality of life in Myanmar and the ASEAN region. With her international background, local awareness, passion to create a positive social impact and compassion towards others, she is delighted to fulfill the role as an ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocate.

Thu Thu Swe

Mandalay Myanmar
Thu Thu joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. Thu Thu graduated with a Master’s Degree in English from Pakokku University, Myanmar, as well as a Master’s Degree in International Development Studies, Faculty of Political Science, from the Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. She is a former government staff in Pyithu Hluttaw (Lower House) of Myanmar working as a Deputy Staff Officer. At present, she is a member of the Mandalay Regional Youth Network, for which she actively participates in youth affairs throughout the Mandalay Region.

Myo Thura Ko Ko

Hinthada Myanmar
Thura joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. He is an Engineering student at the Technological University in Hinthada, where is also currently the Campus Chapter Director representing Myanmar Youth Empowerment Opportunities (MYEO). He was the founder and team leader of Barcamp TU in Hinthada from 2015 to August 2018. He participated and advocated as a youth activist in youth policy drafting process since 2013. He is a steering committee member of the Myanmar National Youth Congress. Moreover, he is a secretary of Ayeyarwaddy Regional Youth Affair Committee, a movement for youth participation in the implementation, sustainable development and national strategic planning though youth policy.
Moreover, he is a former youth delegate for Myanmar in the ASEAN Youth Forum and ASEAN People Forum 2017. He is also a volunteer trainer and steering committee member of Ayeyarwaddy Regional Youth Network from 2013. He is a former DRR field officer at Myanmar Red Cross Society and secretary of TU Hinthada Red Cross Society. He is also a former organizer of Hinthada Anti Plastic Organization. Hence, he wants to conduct these skills to his work as an ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocate.

Aung Than Oo

Yangon Myanmar
Aung joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. As a young medical professional and youth development activist, his mission is to create peaceful healthy life for everyone, strengthen education health systems and implement good policies for future generations. He is currently studying in the Master of Public Management at Aldersgate College Myanmar campus, and previously graduated from University of Medicine in 2014. He attended trainings on humanitarian emergency and gender-sensitive policies in peacebuilding at Global Campus, U.S. Institute of Peace.
Aung previously worked in the field of social accountability and community empowerment as the Equity and Inclusion Officer for an NGO focused on health/TB project, working closely in cooperation with the government and UNOPS. He also worked as Conflict Sensitivity Analysis Officer in Rakhine state, and supported dialogues between different ethnic groups. In 2016, he worked as Mobile Medical Team Leader in Yangon, Bago and Rakhine regions which gave treatment and care to patients, including vulnerable groups. In 2014 and 2016, He served as the State Coordinator for the National Health Congress. He is currently working as a Research Officer at the Center for Social and Economic Development in Yangon.
Aung is a very active volunteer in multiple organizations. He is a member of the Myanmar Medical Association and Myanmar Medical Council; an administrative founder of the self-help group of Hlaingtharyar Township, Yangon; the CEO of the Bagan Heritage Trust Organization which supports the protection and restoration of this heritage site. He also associates with other social welfare clubs to help homeless people, and victims from natural and man-made disasters, for instance as a medical doctor volunteer in Ayarwaddy region post-cyclone Nargis in 2008. He was the Myanmar Ambassador at the Global Youth Summit IYS, Nepal, and the Myanmar delegate at the Global Peace Foundation, Thailand. Aung believes that every young people must have a dream, some dream can lead to conflict, but with the right pathways, young people can create peace and a sustainable future.

Jessica Moldez-Wu

Iligan City The Philippines
Jessica joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. She is one of the trained Climate Reality Leaders in the Philippines by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore. As a climate leader, she uses the platform to create awareness through presentations regarding climate change in the context of the Philippines. Her usual audience comes from different institutions, such as private companies and academia. She was also one of the Philippine Youth delegate for the UNFCCC COP 22 in Marrakesh, Morocco, in 2016. She is one of two Philippine Youth Ambassadors in Asia-Pacific for Sustainable Consumption and Production for the UN Environment Programme and Switch-Asia Project campaign for the SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production (SCP). In 2016, she was trained on SCP and how it is involved in our lifestyles in the UNEP office in Bangkok, Thailand. She went back to the Philippines and headed straight to the mountain region to conduct interviews with indigenous peoples. She currently conducts presentations and trainings in her community that gear towards SCP and how we can mitigate the post-consumption waste through simple methods. She was also chosen to represent the youth sector during the Asia Pacific Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production (APRSCP) in Siem Reap in 2017.

Janelle Dulnuan

Baguio City The Philippines
Janelle joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. She is a registered nurse by profession. She is currently studying her Masters in Management at the University of the Philippines. She found her true calling in social impact and has pursued a variety of entrepreneurial and educational initiatives. She is the founder of Plot and Play Ventures, a social enterprise that aims to create educational toolkits for Disaster Risk Reduction Management, Climate Change, Financial Management, Indigenous Peoples Movement, and Female Empowerment and Leadership Initiatives. In addition, the organization aims to educate the community into adopting a culture of innovation by designing and building a solution in parallel with the users and communities, while preserving their cultural roots. In her free time, she writes articles on grassroots social impact organizations in order to scale up the social impacts.
Formerly, Janelle was a Philippine Youth Representative to the 43rd Ship for the Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme (SSEAYP), in which she focused on Food and Nutrition Discussion Programme to deepen her understanding of Food and Nutrition issues in ASEAN countries.

Julliano Fernando A. Guiang

Quezon City The Philippines
Jules joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. He is a youth leader and TV host in the Philippines, and has been hosting a daily morning show and a weekly debate show on the Philippines' government media network. Despite being connected to the government, Jules has remained vocal on calling out ill-mannered practices inside the system. As a youth leader, Jules has founded and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the National Alliance of Youth Leaders Inc. which advocates for youth empowerment, education as a right, and social justice.
Jules is among the Co-Founders of the 2030 Youth Force in Asia-Pacific, a youth network that advocates for the Global Goals in several countries in the region. He also founded and serves as National Convenor of the 2030 Youth Force in the Philippines Inc. (YFPH), a registered NGO in the Philippines with over 1,500 Member-Advocates. Jules believes in the importance of involving everyone in the equation, particularly the youth sector that will serve as key players of society by 2030. Since the founding of YFPH, Jules led the formation by creating an efficient and effective structure which will empower the grassroots to lead the SDG campaign in their communities.

Marikris de Guzman

Manila The Philippines
Marikris joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. She is a young public servant who has worked in various capacities under a state university, a city government, and national government agencies serving functions related to policy research, legislative consultancy, and programme implementation. As a researcher, she contributed to research projects on poverty assessment, agriculture, labor unions, and social impact bonds. She concurrently serves as Associate Director of the Social Impact Bond Lab under the Zuellig School of Development Management- Asian Institute of Management and as Regional Focal Person for Asia-DRR Working Group of the UN Major Group on Youth and Children,
As a good governance advocate, she co-founded the Good Governance Initiative in 2012, an NGO which aims to train young people to become good governance advocates by helping address local challenges and to bridge the gap between academe and local government units in the Philippines. As a disaster risk reduction (DRR) advocate, she presented an environment and DRR-related project together with a team in the UNESCO Looking Beyond Disasters 2013 Dorum and implemented the project through the funding of the ASEAN Youth Volunteers Programme. While working at the Department of Social Welfare and Development, she participated in the government’s humanitarian response when Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in 2013 through helping in the logistics of relief distribution. In 2015, she served as Climate Action and DRR Coordinator for the National Youth Commission coordinating programmes on DRR and Climate Change Advocacy.

Jose Mateo Dela Cruz

Rizal Province The Philippines
Jose joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. He is a youth development advocate and an SDG campaigner from the Philippines. He has served as Chairperson of the UNFPA Philippines Youth Advisory Panel, Co-proponent for the creation of the UN Philippines Youth Advisory Board, one of the Global Leaders of Restless Development's Youth Power, a campaign network for SDG accountability, Youth Advisory Group Member for MTV End Exploitation and Trafficking, and Country Coordinator for the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning.
Currently, he is serving advisory functions and advocacy support roles on youth civic engagement under the UNESCO Regional Unit for Social and Human Sciences in Asia-Pacific, the Global Partnership for Education (hosted by the World Bank Group), the UN Major Group on Children and Youth, Family Planning 2020 Experts Advisory Community (hosted by the UN Foundation), and the Canadian International Education Policy Working Group Youth Advisory Council. He has been selected as ASEAN Youth Eco-Leader in 2013 and as Mentor to the ASEAN Youth Heritage Leaders in 2014 under the ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme of the National University of Malaysia, supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Malaysia, Ministry of Education of Malaysia, USAID and the ASEAN Secretariat. During the 2014 World Conference on Youth in Sri Lanka, he is one of delegates representing the Philippines during the intergovernmental negotiation for crafting the Colombo Declaration on Youth, an outcome document that served as one of the inputs to the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Pocheu Ear

Manila The Philippines
Yazhi joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. Yazhi is a graduate student of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy, under the Philippine Women's University, in Manila. She is also a member of Cambodia Youth Actions, a non-profit organization, focuses mainly on environment and education issues in Cambodia.
Born and raised in the least developed country of Cambodia, Yazhi has been witnessing different kinds of poverty in her country, which makes her value her education even more, as she believes real education is the path to prosperity. She has been joining many different volunteering programmes and charities related to education, culture, environment and many others in her home country, as well as in the Philippines where she pursues her degree, as she believes that the little impact she makes will gradually improve her community.

Ashley Tan

Ashley joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. Having held delegate and chairperson roles in the Model UN circuit in Singapore, with a particular interest in human rights, she frequently participates in the UN’s Human Rights Council’s Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committees during MUN conferences, most recently winning the Best Delegate Award.
Since 2016, Ashley has been volunteering with World Vision as a Music Advocate. Aside from writing and performing original songs with the World Vision band, Ashley has also organized charity concerts to raise funds for the organization. A firm believer in racial equality, Ashley continues to volunteer with, the leading advocate for multiracialism in Singapore, and has been featured in MINDEF’s magazine and on Channel NewsAsia to share about her experiences. She has also worked with gender equality advocacy group AWARE as Editor of their youth blog, and contributor to a comic that the youth team produced to encourage positive body image.
Currently, Ashley is the Editor-in-Chief of The Timeless Compass, a youth movement and news website which publishes content combining history and current affairs written for youths, by youths. In her spare time, Ashley writes for news sites including MTV, UNICEF, The Straits Times, AsiaOne,, Tripzilla and The Daily Escape, and hopes to channel her experience in journalism to the ASEAN MY World project. One day, she aspires to travel the world and go bungee jumping, just for the thrill of it!

Shafkat Fahmid Sifat

Shafkat joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. He is the Director of Corporate Relations of Young Sustainable Impact South-East Asia (YSI-SEA), a non-profit in Singapore with the aim to engage South-East Asian youth with the UN SDGs and to build strong and effective start-up teams that will create solutions to one or more of the SDGs. Specifically, he provides legal and strategic advice in relation to the operations of YSI-SEA, the Singapore Innovation Programme and the Singapore Sustainability Conference, also manages external partnerships with local and international organizations, government agencies and the public.
Born in Bangladesh, Shafkat graduated from the National University of Singapore and is currently a practising lawyer in Singapore. He often provides pro-bono legal advice to migrant workers’ community in Singapore and was also the President of Migrant Workers Awareness Week 2016, one of the biggest events to raise awareness on migrant workers’ issues in Singapore. He is also one of the co-founders and a foreign delegate of Youth's Voice, a registered NGO in Bangladesh, where he is involved in fundraising, especially in relation to the assistance for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and for raising awareness on menstrual hygiene.

Anthony Toh Han Yang

Nil joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. Anthony is a current undergraduate from the Singapore University of Social Sciences, majoring in Sociology and Political Science. With great interest and the will to serve his community, he seeks to inspire, empower and engage people to contribute to the global efforts of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He holds strongly to the conviction that a united effort and drive towards these goals would be effective, efficient and sustainable as compared through unilateral, individualistic means.
Embarking on a journey that enriches his knowledge, experiences and thoughts, Nil completed an internship at the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and National University of Singapore (NUS). He represented SIM at the Singapore Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) Forum 2018. He was also a sponsored former delegate at the UN Youth Assembly in New York, U.S. He served as an elected head delegate of an independent delegation team at the Singapore Model UN 2018. He aspires to be an academic focusing on various aspects of international relations. As an ASEAN MY WORLD 2030 Advocate, Nil aims to analyze and achieve the goal of uniting people's' efforts and contributions to make a positive impact on the SDGs.

Samira Hassan

Samira joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. She is currently a freshmen at the National University of Singapore where she is involved in projects geared towards empowering youths, as well as fostering civic participation amongst young people. She had also spearheaded the formulation of the Incheon Youth Declaration on The Future of Work at the recently inaugurated Asian Youth Forum, which consolidated the calls for action from 400 Asia-Pacific youth representatives.
Migrant communities have also been a focal point in her work and she has been working with them in Singapore for the past 5 years. She has presented and shared about her work at the UN-convened Case4Space Conference (led by UNDP, UNESCO and UNFPA), where she was a Call4Stories winner. Having also worked on issues concerning Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia and migrant dependents in Seoul, she hopes to expand her scope of work beyond Singapore. Currently, she assists migrant workers in Singapore, helping them gain access to justice for their salary and injury claims. Samira is also involved in extensive advocacy efforts in pushing for better protective legislation for migrant communities. At the moment, she is exploring the intersection between media storytelling, marginalised communities and youth empowerment, and hopes to create a platform for youths to share their stories and experiences through creative outlets.

Aung Ko Oo

Bangkok Thailand
Token joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018, and is an active Advocate both in Thailand and Myanmar. He was born in Myanmar and currently enrolled at Bangkok University International College for the purpose of Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.
In his daily life, he is very passionate about the SDGs and that motivates him to do more every day. He believes that a day without motivation, is like someone who is walking without destination. Through his mandate as ASEAN MY World 2030 advocate he hopes to inspire and reach out to as many young people as possible, as well as his communities in “my” Myanmar and “my” Thailand. He is a former participant of the Asia Pacific Youth Forum Thailand, and he was a facilitator at Myanmar Youth and Peace Development and a former Delegate at Youth Speak Forum 2018.

Nuttapat Tumtaweetanun

Bangkok Thailand
Win joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. He is currently studying Communication Arts at the Bangkok University International, in Thailand. He is looking for an opportunity to make this world a better place through his passions of photography and storytelling. He believes that a good story can convey feelings and emotions to readers that may help them develop a good mindset. While new to advocacy programmes, he connected with people on campus and organized a workshop on sustainable development.
Win also participated in the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE) Thailand 2017, learning about social enterprise building to help people in local communities during local immersion. Earlier in 2018, he participated in the ASEAN conference on Youth Experiencing in Philosophy of Sustainable Economic 2018 focusing on Sufficiency Economy Philosophy applied in local areas throughout Thailand. It helped him understand how local traditional know-how and co-existence with the philosophy, developing their living not only financially, it also improves local people’s mental mindset to become aware of their living-knowledge-environment. Recently, he took part in the ASEAN Youth Camp 2018 as youth representative to learn an insights of environmental managing in eastern part of Thailand both t the community and industrial levels.

Weerapol Weerachotwasin

Bangkok Thailand
Wee joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. As the Founder and CEO of EdVISORY company, he leads a diverse team of business consultants, researchers, psychologists and software developers to deliver solutions such as strategy formulation and implementation, organization management, and technology development for clients in education and social sectors. He is also the Project Director of WE Space, an online integrated career counseling platform from self evaluation to career exploration, capacity building, and employment. Prior to starting EdVISORY, Wee was a consulting analyst at Korn Ferry Hay Group, a global organizational and people management advisory firm. He has broad experiences in project and customer relationship management across various sectors focusing in Education, Healthcare, FMCG, Government/SOE, and Energy.
Wee graduated with an honour degree in Industrial Engineering from Chulalongkorn University and got a certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Social Change from UPEACE Centre for Executive Education. He is also affiliated with the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI), Global Shapers by World Economic Forum, ChangemakerXChange by Ashoka, UNLEASH community and Thailand Education Partnership. With his broad understanding of educational ecosystems, he is excited to support many governmental organizations, NGOs, universities, and social enterprises in research and technology transformation.

Katina Grigoraskos

Bangkok Thailand
Katina joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. A native New Yorker, Katina is the Events Coordinator and International Business Theory of Knowledge teacher at Wells International School in Bangkok, Thailand. As a leader, educator and lifelong learner, Katina is an advocate for SDG 4: Quality Education. She sees her role in working towards achieving this goal as two-fold. Firstly, she is passionate about empowering youth through education and youth leadership. She has been a Model UN advisor for over 5 years, and has been involved in other student-centered initiatives in the Bangkok region, such as the Compass Youth Empowerment Programme and the ServICE network. More recently, she helped organize and support a completely youth-led initiative, Youth4SDGs, an event focused on spreading awareness of the SDGs among international school students and supporting youth to create initiatives to take action towards the goals in their respective schools.
Secondly, holding a PsyD in Human and Organizational Psychology, she wishes to also empower teachers by sharing knowledge and tools gained through her dissertation work on the influence of teacher emotional intelligence on student learning. Since completing her doctorate degree, she has been an active presenter and teacher trainer at several international educational and leadership conferences in the Asia-Pacific region, including UNESCO-APEID International Leadership Conference, centered around the theme of ‘Effective School Leadership for the 21st Century - Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals'. She believes that there is a significant need for leaders, teachers and students to be equipped with the necessary emotionally intelligent skills and capacities in order to thrive and contribute positively to society and thus, ensuring quality in education.

Hafiz Syed Hamid Arshad

Pathum Thani Thailand
Hamid joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. As a young advocate of the SDGs, Hamid is the first Pakistani to join ASEAN MY World 2030. He is pursuing his PhD in Regional Development at the Asian Institute of Technology, Pathum Thani, Thailand. As an Erasmus student in Spain, at present, he seeks to explore what Asian cities can learn from European cities to bring peace and prosperity to the region. He has also been part of ProSPER.NET Young Researchers’ School on Sustainable Urban Development for World’s Mega Cities 2018 held in Japan. He has published part of his doctoral work in prestigious international journals and also has presented his papers in conferences in Italy and Thailand.
Currently he is on-board with UN-Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN) Youth as Local Pathways Fellow. He is passionate about sustainable development and peaceful regional environment and is willing to work for the whole region. He is from Pakistan (South Asia) but lived in Thailand for last five years and has been involved in multiple regional projects. He believes in youth empowerment and women’s role in social development and true progress of the communities. After his PhD, he intends to design and implement social projects with engagement of active youth of the respective countries. As a part of ASEAN My World 2030 he is looking forward to learn and practice action oriented strategies to achieve SDGs and to extend this treasure to many others like him.

Nichalee Lau

Bangkok Thailand
Cat joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. She has a background in food and journalism. After cooking school in Paris, she returned to Thailand to work with social enterprises that support organic farmers. Her work at Patom Organic Living is to create new and sustainable products to turn raw organic materials into socially responsible products. These products range from organic body care, food, and apparel. Cat also consults for Hill tribe Organics and Perfect Earth Foods, which supports hill tribe communities in Chiang Rai by providing them work opportunities in their own villages as organic farmers. Responsible consumption and production is at the forefront of her work. She founded No Plastic Bangkok and has been active in reducing plastic waste in her community. Bringing people to nature is one of her missions because she believes that our disconnect with our environment is a key reason to why we are mistreating it.

Mai Mai

Hanoi Viet Nam
Mai joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. She is a teacher of English at the Faculty of International Studies, Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities. She also works for the Vietnam Programme for Internet and Society as a Secretary. She has a few years of experience in the education field, in the private sector and several NGOs; she considers education a root of sustainable development.
Studying International Studies at University allows Mai to understand more about world’s news and current affairs, thus, fosters a dream of making this world a better place. Bearing in mind that stepping out of the comfort zone and learning from the world can assist her in her learning path, she has applied for several scholarships and won six exchange programmes. The two latest programmes that she joined were the ‘Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme 2017’ and ‘ASEAN Youth Representatives Experiencing in the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy 2018’. Through that, she could practice what she has learned and represented Viet Nam to discuss various topics such as ASEAN, its vision and functions; SDGs and the ways they are applied in different countries. These opportunities gave her tools and techniques to facilitate workshops or seminars, or ways of approaching varying target audience.

Dang Dao Nguyen

Hanoi Viet Nam
Dao joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. He is responsible for building marketing campaigns and execution plans to raise awareness, call to action and create impactful solutions to the sustainability challenges of the 21st century. To be specific, Dao takes lead in managing social media marketing and creating content and successfully attracts 800 applications for the first event in Singapore. Moreover, he also promotes the SDGs and the Singapore Sustainability Conference 2018 in Vietnam and other Southeast Asia countries.
Previously, Dao worked in the Human Resources Department, at the UN Development Programme. During his working term, he organized recruitment processes including drafting job description, inputs to job classification processes, screening of candidates, etc. Dao also took charge of organizing internal events to promote the SDGs in the workplace. As for the academic background, Dao graduated from Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam, majoring in International Relations. He also finishes the SDGs Entrepreneurship Training for Youth course, which is fully-funded by Yonsei University and the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA).

Nghia Dao Manh

Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam
Ran joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in June 2018. Ran is a LLB student as the Ho Chi Minh City University of Law. At University, he is an executive committee member of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union as well as Class Vice- Monitor. He has been a Senior Honorary Legal Advisor of Nam Yen Corporation and founder of Wehouses Real Estate Group. He co-authored many political and legal articles based on research projects in collaboration with national and international scholars from the Ministry of Justice of Viet Nam and the Seoul National University of Republic of Korea: “ASEAN Miracle: The Dreams of Development Process to Progress in the Future” and “ASEAN: An Important Catalyst for Peace on the Korean Peninsula”.
He has extensive knowledge of ASEAN political studies and the legal system of the world. With experiences has been a member of International Youth Club and AIESEC of Ho Chi Minh City, he is team leader in active dissemination of legal education for young people about the provisions of Vietnamese Law as well as global issues such as the peace on Korean Peninsula, World’s Environment, etc. In addition, he took part in YouthSpeak Forum 2017 of Youth 4 Global Goals Programmes to support the implementation of the SDGs as a Roadmap to Poverty, Inequality and Climate Change in the next 15 years. Therefore, he was aware of the values of SDGs and learned leadership experiences from people in this forum. He is ready to advocate for the SDGs and promote citizen engagement and data collection activities among young generations.

Alin Pham

Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam
Alin joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. Alin believes that education is they key to achieving the SDGs. She is currently working in the education field, where she is involved in delivering power skills courses to university students, which will benefit not only for their future job applications but also their independent learning and self-discipline, and lifelong learning. Having lived in and travelled to various countries like Poland, U.K., Singapore and Viet Nam allowed her to become more open minded when acquiring new notions and perceptions.
Alin also has taken part in a few youth events such as the Youth Forum on Safe Migration, where she met many young people that are creative, ambitious and passionate about establishing themselves, contributing the best they have to society. Being surrounded by other young changemakers inspires her and reminds her of her own ambitions. Hence, she is very enthusiastic about being a part of the ASEAN MY World 2030 youth network with many SDG Advocates, where she can meet new people from various backgrounds, with different perspectives and creative ideas.

Linh Quan

Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam
Amy joined the ASEAN MY World 2030 Advocates Programme in November 2018. Amy has a strong enthusiasm for creating positive changes in society. She is the Co-Founder and Director of PAPERPLANE Project, a non-profit organization that hosts multiple soft skills workshops using discussion-based methods. Since 2016, with the goal to instill PAPERPLANE’s position in the community as a trustful mentor for young generations, Amy has brought PAPERPLANE to thousands of Vietnamese students. Moreover, Linh is also working to develop healthcare products to guide people with appropriate individualized strategies to improve their mental health. She pitched at different business competitions and gained acceptance to YCombinator Startup School.
Besides, Amy took actions to create the Women Initiatives Network (WIN), a platform aiming to inspire and empower women and girls to develop essential skills through private conferences and office hours with experienced female advisors. At the same time, she is working as an Extracurricular and Leadership Consultant at Crimson Education. She has interacted with students from different countries and backgrounds,, developed strategies for their extracurricular activities, and assisted them in brainstorming and developing their Capstone projects. In the last three years, Amy was invited to be the guest speakers at different organizations. She gave speeches about Time Management, Critical Thinking, Defining Extracurricular Activities, etc. She used to work as a coach of a youth camp to teach students entrepreneurship and help open their eyes to the possibilities of social entrepreneurial enthusiasm as a lens for understanding their needs and a tool to create a support system for the future generations.