Humans of MY World

Humans of MY World (HOMY) is a photo-narrative project that supports the MY World 2030 survey by showcasing the specifics of why people have chosen their top priorities. It highlights the humanity behind the world’s toughest development issues through the lens of the SDGs. It allows people share their concerns in their own words.

Through this exhibition, you will have the chance to “meet” individuals from around the world and learn why the SDGs are important to them. Agenda 2030 and the 17 SDGs represent an unprecedented leap forward in the fight against poverty and inequalities, as well as in the struggle for environmental sustainability. The SDGs embody a universal, inclusive and transformative vision of sustainable development, which calls upon all leaders to ensure a life of dignity for all, leaving no one behind. Behind every response, there’s a personal story that deserves to be told.

Please note: Humans of MY World shows people’s opinion and stories and does not reflect the views of the UN SDG Action Campaign

Examples of ready-to-print series:

Humans Of MY World selection – one per each SDG with introduction to the series (English):
City of Bonn Series translated and printed on roll-up banners (German & English) 

The Humans of My World content can easily be printed onto posters or roll-ups. You can reprint them as they are or edit them, for example by adding your organisation’s logo alongside ours. We can supply the content for you to print. If you are printing them for an event, consider whether you can re-use em for future events or at the office, for example in hallways or meetings rooms.

Build YOUR OWN Series

You can create your own series focused on a specific range of Sustainable Development Goals or from a specific geographic region. 

There is a broad database to choose from! Browse the examples at

We have also prepared a google sheet containing links to photos and quotes sorted by SDG.

Choose and create your series in three simple steps:


If you are able and willing to collect stories or have a partner that may be interested in creating a brand new Humans of MY World series you can join us and see the stories you have collected published on our page

Download the Toolkit including information on:

  • The SDGs and MY World 2030
  • The Humans of MY World photo-narrative series
  • How to conduct the best interviews
  • How to take the perfect HOMY photo
  • How to submit the series and contact us