MYWorld Guide to Data capturing

Steps to follow

  1. Open the folder that was assigned to you
  2. Open the excel sheet in your folder
  3. Open the first file with two ballots on it
  4. Capture the data of the first ballot in the first free line of your excel sheet
  5. Continue with the second ballot
  6. Put the file you have captured in the subfolder „captured“
  7. Continue

FAQs and how to address them

Please enter the results for Q1 and the demographics into your excel file.

Please enter the complete data (including the missing/additional answers) into your excel file.

In case the selection is only off by one line, it is likely to be a mistake; please enter the reply for the correct goal.

If the answers seem random and do not match Q2 at all, please do not enter the data and move on to the next ballot.

If more than six options have been selected for Q3, but the correct number of options was chosen for Q2 question two, please only enter the corresponding responses into your excel file.


Unfortunately, the data cannot properly be analysed without that data. Therefore, please do not enter this ballot.

Please enter only the highest selection into the excel file.