MYWorld Scientific

To perform a more in-depth MY World study on country level, we have developed a more complete question library known as MY World Scientific. MY World Scientific makes it possible to perform the MY World survey as a nationally representative study. It captures people’s voices in more detailed way building more coherent picture on how SDG progress is made on people’s lives by asking them about their recent experiences in different areas of life.

As in the standard MY World survey, also the responses and opinions given on MY World Scientific survey will be treated as confidential. The research findings will only be published in summarised form, and it will not be possible to identify any individual respondent.

Explore MY World Scientific question library below

How to perform MY World Scientific survey?

My World Scientific survey template is designed for local or national polling institutions that have the capability perform a nationally representative study. Are you representing an institution which would like to conduct the survey? Great! Contact us and we can guide you forward.

Or are you an individual, interested in having the survey conducted in your county? Reach out to local polling companies and suggest the idea for them! It could be, that the MY World Survey is previously unknown them but would present an interesting opportunity.  Many organizations are interested in supporting SDGs, and conducting MY World Scientific is a concrete way to support the achievement of the ambitious goals.