What is this survey about?

The United Nations MY World 2030 survey is gathering people’s views on the state of poverty, inequality and climate change, based on where you live. Data will be gathered to build up a picture of progress over the next fifteen years.

Why is the UN carrying out this survey?

January 2016 saw the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also known as the ‘Global Goals’ a ground-breaking plan signed by 193 world leaders at the UN. Seventeen Goals to build a better world for everyone by 2030.

The survey questions directly link to the Goals and your answers will help feed into the UN’s and governments’ monitoring of progress on these Goals, raising awareness of important issues and giving a ‘people’s perspective’ from the ground, in real-time.

What will happen to the survey results?

Your vote matters. The UN is working with governments everywhere to implement the ambitious set of Goals to address extreme poverty and preserve the planet. The data from this MY World survey are publicly available and open to everyone to analyse and share at data.myworld2030.org. These data will be presented back to world leaders and decision makers at key moments over the next fifteen years, both formally through political processes and informally through creative ‘People’s Voices’ exhibitions and films.

Who is behind MY World 2030?

MY World 2030 is an initiative of the UN SDG Action Campaign, UNDP and the Overseas Development Institute with thousands of additional outreach partners from UN agencies and NGOs, to youth groups and private sector companies. The project continues on from the highly successful MY World 2015 project which gathered and channeled the voice of over ten million people into the deliberations of what the Goals should be.