Humans of MY World old version

Humans of MY World (HOMY) is a photo-narrative project that supports the MY World 2030 survey by showcasing the specifics of why people have chosen their top priorities. It highlights the humanity behind the world’s toughest development issues through the lens of the SDGs. It allows people share their concerns in their own words.

Through this exhibition, you will have the chance to “meet” individuals from around the world and learn why the SDGs are important to them. Agenda 2030 and the 17 SDGs represent an unprecedented leap forward in the fight against poverty and inequalities, as well as in the struggle for environmental sustainability. The SDGs embody a universal, inclusive and transformative vision of sustainable development, which calls upon all leaders to ensure a life of dignity for all, leaving no one behind. Behind every response, there’s a personal story that deserves to be told.