MY World 2030 aims to lift citizen’s voices and concerns to decisions makers. To do this we work with our partners to help make sure everyone’s voice can and will be heard. Every response matters, and the more data we have, the more powerful it becomes.

The global results page lets you compare and share citizen voices by country/region, gender, age, disability, education and HDI. This allows you to customize your analysis to make an impact at both local and global level.


  • Use the data to build bridges in your own community. Collect and compare local responses and go meet your local decision makers to share the findings.
  • Use the data to create a social media campaign to raise awareness of the SDG you are most passionate about.


  • World leaders and decision makers are presented with the data at key moments such as the UN General Assembly or High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.
  • Governments can include MY World 2030 results in their national reporting on SDGs